Steps your Alamo Heights Chiropractor is Taking to Ensure a Safe Visit

At Express Chiropractic in Alamo Heights, your safety is our top priority. As an essential business, our office remains open during the pandemic while continuing to follow physical distancing and other safety precautions. Below are additional steps we are taking to ensure healthy, safe chiropractic and massage experience. Temperature Check of every customer on the [...]

Steps your Alamo Heights Chiropractor is Taking to Ensure a Safe Visit2020-05-05T17:38:14+00:00

Keeping Express Chiropractic & Wellness Healthy

Hello, Express Chiropractic & Wellness members, As a business, our motto is Health & Wellness and we aim to contribute to your longevity in as many ways as we can. We run a family-based operation, working hands-on with our many clients. Therefore we find it would be irresponsible to the Express Chiropractic & Wellness Alamo [...]

Keeping Express Chiropractic & Wellness Healthy2020-05-05T17:47:08+00:00

Simple Hacks to Correct Tech Neck

What is Tech Neck?  Statistics indicate it is caused by something you are doing every day for 10 plus hours a day.  Tech Neck is when the head juts forward and downward as we look at our tech devices sitting at our desks, propped in our laps or held in our hands.  Tech [...]

Simple Hacks to Correct Tech Neck2021-02-26T12:02:05+00:00
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