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Can A Chiropractor Help Sciatica?

Back pain is very common and usually manifests in different forms. It can vary from mild to severe and may become chronic. While a bit of medication and some form of physical therapy (exercises) may remove short-term back pain, severe cases may require surgery or a high level of therapy. One type of chronic back [...]

Can A Chiropractor Help Sciatica?2021-12-03T18:48:10+00:00

Simple Steps to Move Well

Often, people interchange the terms mobility or flexibility assuming the terms mean the same thing. It is true that when flexibility is limited then a person’s ability to function or move optimally is impaired. However, the concept of mobility encompasses both joint functions, or range of motion, and the flexibility of our muscles. Good mobility [...]

Simple Steps to Move Well2021-05-14T00:13:40+00:00

Steps your Alamo Heights Chiropractor is Taking to Ensure a Safe Visit

At Express Chiropractic in Alamo Heights, your safety is our top priority. As an essential business, our office remains open during the pandemic while continuing to follow physical distancing and other safety precautions. Below are additional steps we are taking to ensure healthy, safe chiropractic and massage experience. Temperature Check of every customer on the [...]

Steps your Alamo Heights Chiropractor is Taking to Ensure a Safe Visit2020-05-05T17:38:14+00:00
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