Steps your Alamo Heights Chiropractor is Taking to Ensure a Safe Visit


At Express Chiropractic in Alamo Heights, your safety is our top priority. As an essential business, our office remains open during the pandemic while continuing to follow physical distancing and other safety precautions. Below are additional steps we are taking to ensure healthy, safe chiropractic and massage experience. Temperature Check of every customer on the [...]

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Keeping Express Chiropractic & Wellness Healthy


Hello, Express Chiropractic & Wellness members, As a business, our motto is Health & Wellness and we aim to contribute to your longevity in as many ways as we can. We run a family-based operation, working hands-on with our many clients. Therefore we find it would be irresponsible to the Express Chiropractic & Wellness Alamo [...]

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New Year tips for Improving Health


Alamo Heights Chiropractor Reveals One Critical Exercise Tip for Improving Health in the New Year With the passing of another New Year celebration, many of us have set fitness goals and wellness resolutions. However, maybe you are new to exercise or haven’t exercised in a while and you want to get back into it and [...]

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Improve Your Health with This Single Substance


What if you could take one substance that helped improve your mood, cognition, reduce blood pressure, help your blood sugar, reduce body weight and even curb overeating? The good news is that there is such a substance and it’s readily available: Yes, it is water!  Proper hydration is much more than simply drinking [...]

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