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What is Tech Neck? 

Statistics indicate it is caused by something you are doing every day for 10 plus hours a day. 

Tech Neck is when the head juts forward and downward as we look at our tech devices sitting at our desks, propped in our laps or held in our hands. 

Tech Neck is more than just tight muscles. 

First, it is the position of our devices that causes us to round our upper back and jut our heads forward and downward. However, because of this prolonged, self-imposed position, something called adaptive shortening of our muscles tendons and ligaments does occur. Our nervous system is always looking for ways to be more efficient and when we put ourselves in a prolonged position, nervous system will begin to encode new movement patterns that make the muscles in our neck and shoulders mechanically short. 

Aside from having an unflattering posture there are actually some serious side effects from Tech Neck. Pinched nerves, disk herniations, chronic pain, headaches and bone spurs are just few of these side effects from Tech Neck. Fortunately, there are some simple self-care strategies to avoid the negative effects of Tech Neck. 


One way is to change our environment to keep our head up. This means raising up computer screens to eye level and setting your chair to a proper height. Handheld devices and mobile devices made need to be held up to eye level rather than propped up in the lap. Of course, your arms may get tired, but this may indicate it’s a good time to take a screen time break. 

Also, practice good posture throughout the day. The nervous system is very good at encoding patterns so the more you practice a pattern the more your nervous system will encode that pattern. Remember, it was practicing a bad pattern that created Tech Neck in the first place, so take time to practice good posture . 

Getting a massage or even using massage sticks and tools for releasing trigger points (chronically tight muscles) will help alleviate excessive muscle tension.

Get adjusted. Part of tech neck is spinal bones getting stuck or out of proper alignment (called a subluxation). This causes inflammation and pain in the surrounding areas. Chiropractic adjustments will help restore the motion in these stuck joints. 

And finally, and most importantly, being physical active and limiting un-necessary time on tech devices will help prevent Tech Neck from occurring in the first place. Stretches and exercise will help to lengthen and strengthen those muscles that have become adaptively shortened. 

Need more help with your tech neck issues? Your local Alamo Heights chiropractor and massage therapist can help you get your neck back on track. 

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