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The short answer: They use the skill of emotional resilience to manage the ups and downs of life to maximize performance. The good news is you don’t need to be a brain surgeon or a fighter pilot to take advantage of these skills. 

Resilience is defined as the ability to rebound, maneuver the unexpected and turn obstacles into opportunity. For most people, especially those who are physically active, physical resilience comes naturally. Emotional resilience, or the mental skills to strengthen our ability to respond to stress is a skill that can be developed and improved.

5 Ways to Build Emotional Resilience

  1. Practice Being Optimistic

An optimist is one who believes the future will be brighter and situations will work out for the best. One way to practice optimism is to use reflection. Remind yourself of events in your life in which you’ve overcome obstacles. Encourage yourself that you’ve overcome tough situations before and that you can make it through this obstacle. Also, reflect on times in your life when you’ve been really optimistic. In your mind, re-experience those peak emotions and envision yourself feeling that way. 

  1. Be Flexible

Not the physical flexibility of being able to touch your toes but being flexible in your thinking. The more committed you are to thinking things should go a certain way, the more rigid your thinking becomes. When you find yourself saying “I should”, “ I ought” or “must”, these are precursors to rigid thinking. Instead focus on the outcome you are trying to achieve and challenge your own thinking. 

  1. Build Your Social Networks

Humans are social creatures and surrounding ourselves with a positive network of peers will improve our coping skills and over all wellbeing. Challenge yourself to actively engage in a strong social community rather than social media.

  1. Purpose

People who are resilient tend to have a strong purpose. Having a strong intention allows one to stay true even when things in life change unexpectedly. Living a life according to values, passions and strengths makes everything seem like less effort. When things are effortless there is less stress.

  1. Meditation or Prayer

Meditation and/or prayer can promote, calmness and mental clarity. It also helps us stay in the moment and avoid distractions. Mediation and prayer provide a safe space for us to un-wind, relax and rejuvenate. Meditation and prayer can also be practiced informally by applying a conscious awareness to everyday activities. 

Resilience is a critical part of balancing the stressors life will inevitably throw your way. Even having a spine that is out of alignment can impact your resilience. The function of your nerves can get impacted when your spine is subluxated (stuck or out of alignment). Considering that nerves control all functions of the body from digestion to muscle tone, in addition to the 5 tips above, a balanced spine is critical for maintaining a high level of resilience. 

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